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Say goodbye to water-stained windows!​

The Water Stain Doctor: Commercial Glass Restorers

The Water Stain Doctor™ has helped remove water stains and water spots from exterior windows in commercial buildings across New Zealand and overseas.


Some of the worst-affected windows we restore are windows facing into the sun during the hottest part of the day; the sun bakes on hard water stains and spotting caused by ‘acid rain’, lime, calcium and render run-off from building materials.

Exclusive, IP Protected products

No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals, biodegradable and safe for septic tanks. The Water Stain Doctor product range for Commercial Windows includes:​ ​

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"Purchased the Full Strength DIY glass restore pack to remove water staining from my glass shower door, and exterior house windows. It was so easy to use, and I couldn't believe the results! Thank goodness there’s a product that is easy to use and effective. No more scrubbing and frustration. Highly recommended." 


NanoCoat™ Restore & Protect System

Full Commercial Grade nanotechnology system.

Applied by trained, Licensed Technicians - Warranty applies.

DIY NanoCoat Restore & Protect Kit

Domestic Grade Spray On

DIY NanoGel™

Exclusive gel which extends the life of protective Window coatings.

Full Strength De-Stain Glass Restore Paste

Commercial Grade: as used by our Technicians.
Used properly once a month on your Windows, the glass will never stain.

The Water Stain Doctor | Logo
The Water Stain Doctor | Logo