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Invest in an EXCLUSIVE Regional Agency

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  • Sound proven well documented training scheme.
  • Lower cost buy in along with higher returns related to hours worked.
  • Very attractive margins and profit generation for performance.
  • Unique and EXCLUSIVE – technology and aligned systems.
  • Ongoing in house R&D, and Franchisee ‘in region’ support thru marketing and more.
  • NO %age of turnover charges as is the norm for a Franchise. The more you earn the better YOUR profits. Set monthly base fee, so no accounting surprises.
  • Very active Head Office support.
  • Training and induction held in BOTH the Head Office then back directly in the agency region.
  • Early stage growth and new additional technologies make this opportunity totally UNIQUE, and allows for a vast flexibility and business opportunities including – Rail, Marine, Bus, Passenger vehicle, Domestic and Hotel showers, Gel Coat, and Perspex-Plastic rejuvenations and more.
  • Not an unhealthy sedate ‘office bound’ role, and outside region travel required at times.
  • Young active and ‘new generation’ business with very real market growth opportunities give the right operators.
  • Full Field Equipment provided in agency start-up.
  • Vehicle branding, stationary, uniforms, and more all part of start up.


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** If you answer YES to all the following 4 questions, then you are someone we are interested in talking with.

Please read the associated numbered questionnaire and evaluate your score:

  1. Are you wishing for overall control of your weekly routine and lifestyle choices?
  2. Had enough of literally ‘begging’ your ‘boss’ for time off?
  3. Do you feel taken advantage of and not appreciated or respected for your efforts by your employer?
  4. Want to build a ‘valuable asset’ that you can on sell when the time comes?

Please complete the email form below, along with ALL the compulsory fields please. The Water Stain Doctor Agency License Director will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your interest, Phil Andrew – Global Ops Director

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** The Process is easy.

A FULL Exclusive regional agency:

  1. Complete an application form and scan email to:
  2. We will then make a phone call and talk you thru the business model. If after this your still GENUINELY interested, then….
  3. We will email you the simple, straight forward confidentiality forms to complete and scan email back to us. (No legal endorsements required)
  4. Once we receive these back, we can then send you our Full Water Stain Doctor business model disclosure document. (This will be Track Trace POSTED), we NEVER EMAIL our Intellectual Property documents for security reasons.
  5. At this point, a percentage of  ‘applicants’ decide not to proceed! This is exactly what is required at this stage. It avoids precious time being wasted, applicants not having the necessary organizational, sales, people and social selling skills!
  6. We will then RING you to discuss the Disclosure Document Business Model information. Remembering these are a STANDARD TEMPLATE. And every region has unique income figures, socio makeup and initial investment costings! NO two agencies are the same!



Benefits to YOU

Our Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technicians OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

* Glass water and mineral stain removal and restorations SPECIALISTS
* Proven beyond any doubt since 2005. Guaranteed Results * Exclusive system that ACTUALLY WORKS! * Save up to and over 80% on buying NEW, simply restore for similar results.

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Secure YOUR Exclusive or Add-ON Licenese

The 'Water Stain Doctor' Agency Business is a well respected sound and proven profitable business. It can be operated as an 'add-on' service to a current business, or operated as a stand alone income earner. ALL Training, Equipment and 'IP' support is provided! (Full Agency ONLY) - We come to YOU for induction training (we pay for this), and 'fine tune' the usual minor 'hurdles' ** Full EXCLUSIVE regional agency From $11500 *** Limited Biz Add-ON Start Pack From $3450 **** Authorized Commercial Full IP Supply (Wholesale) rates available Minimum $500 dollar initial order Set up and or Send Anywhere in the WORLD! Contact us NOW;