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  1. What is the difference between the glass ‘protect’ products?

In essence, with literally dozens of ‘protection’ products on the market its more important than ever for you to do some thorough research BEFORE parting with your hard earned cash!

The DIY product, and self application options generally do NOT carry a warranty. Even if they claim a period of warranty, what support will you receive from the product maker when the ‘coating’ fails, turns white or degrades? We see this almost daily, and a vast volume of people contact US to remove failed products when they can not locate the initial ‘applicator’ or get help anywhere else

This is the number one most important aspect to retaining your shower glass like new!

If silicone is a core ingredient in the product, then its a LOW end quality, and expect a low end life span. True high quality ‘Nanotechnology infused products carry a warranty if supported by the applicator, and that’s often a big IF!

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The Water Stain Doctor uses a German Engineered Nano-coat, which has been prove since 2005, and a sound warranty


  1. What is the warranty period?

This differs from company to company, but be warned there are applicators, and even companies peddling these services making promises on the ‘life span’ of these products that simply can NOT be justified. Research carefully their time in business, their written warranty and ongoing support, maintenance, AND make SURE the warranty covers a call-back, and re-application of treatment if and when it fails. Also make sure the applicator you are dealing with has the knowledge and the experience!

In our experience (and YES we ARE one of the most experienced in our field) a ‘lifetime warranty’ is simply not possible, and YES these products DO BREAK down over time!

Expect 3 years for a NEW Glass application, and 2 years for a restored Glass application. Make SURE the warranty wording is for the Coating, and simply not the ‘life of the glass’! Once again we see this issue regularly.

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The Water Stain Doctor coats on average 60-70 showers each month, and we have a market leading warranty, AND Maintenance system. Our service and support ethos is UN-questionable, and we do occasionally re-apply a costing that as clearly failed to deliver the long term benefits to our customers


  1. How do I maintain and up-keep my Nanotechnology coating?

When one of our applicators call on you to assess, quote, or carry out the application, you will be taken through a thorough maintenance and product education session. This takes around 10 minutes, and along with this is the written warranty and Up Keep  Maintain Kit. These coatings WILL fail if they are not maintained correctly, and The Water Stain Doctor spends some of our time actually removing other products OFF shower glass when it goes a milky or spotty white. The terms ‘easy clean” or ‘non stain coatings” are not actually that accurate unless a proven upkeep is in place. Once again, you have been warned! Obviously DIY products are open to all sorts of issues and problems. Once of the core ones is not preparing your glass correctly prior to putting the product on!

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  1. Do DIY products work like your Commercial Grade Nanotechnology coating

In essence.. NO. We use a high quality proven German Made product. Not copy product, not a ‘bulk’ buy low grade silicone based liquid, and not a Chinese, or Asian made product!

You get what you pay for, but even then not always. We are very proud of our Nanocoat, so much so we put a small sticker on your shower once its coated. This way you know how to contact us in the future! In our experience, most other products and individuals putting them on leave the owner with little or even NO information. You have been warned… Use a company thats has a sound track record and a sound business model.

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  1. What are my options for keeping my shower glass clean?

You have a number of options. Some people want a coating, others want to use a proven monthly de-stain paste.

Its personal choice, and we can provide BOTH. The easy application de-stain and maintain pastes are the ‘bullet proof’ choice for motels and hotels where little control is in place with the cleaning. By using active chemicals on a ‘coating’ it WILL damage it over a short time frame! The DE-stain pastes are great, as you simply wet, wipe, and rinse off.


  1. Can a ‘protect’ coating be applied to a water stained shower?

YES, as long as the Stained shower glass is DE-stained and prepared correctly first. If you search us on YOU TUBE, you will find some videos showing you EXACTLY how we do this. Even our ‘competitors’ turn to our videos for guidance. We know we are the best at what we do, and our Water Stain Doctor restoration system is the most regarded on the market today!

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  1. How do I arrange an assessment at my place?

This is easy! Just RING us Free Phone, or email if you prefer. We will need to contact you back and ask some specific information, so include your contact details. If your within 40kms of a technician, then the assessment and demo will generally be FREE. If you are not, we can arrange your assessment for the next time we are in your area. We service ALL of New Zealand! We are the ONLY company that does!


  1. Can I do the glass restore and Nano-coat myself?

Our Nanocoat comes in 2 forms. One is the full count product, only applied by a technician and fully warranted. The other is the DIY lower grade spray on (no warranty). The choice is yours. We can sell you a low Grade domestic  Nano-coat if you are NOT serviced by a technician. (99.7% of the world),We do recommend you get the warrant-able product though.


  1. How do I ask further questions?

Best is to RING or SKYPE US REAL TIME! (email questions are too limiting). We have an operations admin open Monday to Friday (NZ Local Time). We can answer 98% of your questions right then and there. That’s what we are here for.

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Our Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technicians OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

* Glass water and mineral stain removal and restorations SPECIALISTS
* Proven beyond any doubt since 2005. Guaranteed Results * Exclusive system that ACTUALLY WORKS! * Save up to and over 80% on buying NEW, simply restore for similar results.

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