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Say goodbye to water-stained windows!​

The Water Stain Doctor™ has helped remove water stains and water spots from exterior house windows all over New Zealand and overseas. Water staining on windows can be caused by irrigation, hose water, and salt spray on homes in coastal locations.

Stains & Water Spots on sun-baked windows​

Some of the worst-affected residential windows we restore are windows facing into the sun during the hottest part of the day; the sun bakes on hard water stains and spots often caused by ‘acid rain’, lime, calcium and render run-off from building materials.

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NanoCoat™ Restore & Protect System

Full Commercial Grade nanotechnology system.

Applied by trained, Licensed Technicians - Warranty applies.

DIY NanoCoat Restore & Protect Kit

Domestic Grade Spray On

DIY NanoGel™

Exclusive gel which extends the life of protective Window coatings.

Full Strength De-Stain Glass Restore Paste

Commercial Grade: as used by our Technicians.
Used properly once a month on your Windows, the glass will never stain.

The Water Stain Doctor | Logo
The Water Stain Doctor | Logo