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The Water Stain Doctor™ keeps Pool Glass looking pristine​

Noticed water stains/water spots on your pool glass, or want to make sure your new pool glass doesn’t end up with mineral water stains? The Water Stain Doctor™ restores and protects glass pool fencing, balustrades, shelter and sidings.

We restore & protect Pool Glass ​

Pool glass water spots, stains and marks are usually caused by calcium and minerals in the pool, after water evaporates on the glass. Water stains can also be caused by hose water when watering gardens, by what is referred to as ‘acid rain’, and in coastal locations, by salt deposits. Left on your fence for too long, they can be very hard to remove - unless you call The Water Stain Doctor™!

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NanoCoat™ Restore & Protect System

Full Commercial Grade nanotechnology system.

Applied by trained, Licensed Technicians - Warranty applies.

DIY NanoCoat Restore & Protect Kit

Domestic Grade Spray On

DIY NanoGel™

Exclusive gel which extends the life of protective Window coatings.

Full Strength De-Stain Glass Restore Paste

Commercial Grade: as used by our Technicians.
Used properly once a month on your Windows, the glass will never stain.

The Water Stain Doctor | Logo
The Water Stain Doctor | Logo