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125ml FULL Strength IP Glass Restore Paste DIY PACKS – this is the PRECISE PASTE WE USE ourselves


125ml FULL Strength IP Glass Restore Paste DIY PACKS – this is the PRECISE PASTE WE USE ourselves

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This paste is exactly the same recipe as we use ourselves every day inside the Water stain Doctor Agency Operations. With over 10,000 restorations behind us, and a world leading operations system, we are the undisputed number #1 Water Stain removal and Glass Restore company in the world. Our DIY Retail Packs have everything you need to carry out a restore as we do, only a little slower, and without the expensive equipment we use!

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Product Description

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FULL Strength IP Protected Glass Restoration Paste (Only sold outside Licensed Agency Regions).
This restoration paste is the exact formula our fully licensed agency/franchises have access to and use daily. It boasts full strength and maximum results. Is used on All manner of restorations from Cruise Boat windows, to shower doors, House and Building windows, irrigation damage and more…

It’s the ultimate weapon for Glass, Acrylic and Ceramic restorations. We are the poof of this, and if it did not work, we would NOT be here. Quite simple really!
125ml 3 shower/ car/ Glass  restore pack – 12-15 square metres

Sent to NON WSD licensed regions ONLY

Benefits to YOU

Our Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technicians OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

* Glass water and mineral stain removal and restorations SPECIALISTS
* Proven beyond any doubt since 2005. Guaranteed Results * Exclusive system that ACTUALLY WORKS! * Save up to and over 80% on buying NEW, simply restore for similar results.

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