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200ml Nano Gel Wipe (for Protected GLASS Surfaces only)


200ml Nano Gel Wipe (for Protected GLASS Surfaces only)

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This Nano Gel Wipe is designed for PROTECTED Glass surfaces (i.e. Shower Glass). No matter what, or who’s product you have had applied, or even if you have used a cheaper Super Market of Building Hardware ‘silicone or polymer’. Our Nano Gel is designed to RE-BOOST and rejuvenate any ‘Shielded Surface’ that has degraded, broken down, or simply failed to deliver as promised on the makers bottle and literature!

Re-boost your Water Stain and Spotted Shower Glass NOW!

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Product Description

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This Gel Wipe has been engineered and designed for maintenance and upkeep of a Protected Glass Surface. Its also extends the life of a coating, and allows a warrantable coating (The coatings WE APPLY as The Water Stain Doctor only) to reach and exceed the warranty time frames (In most cases)

Follow packaged instructions carefully
3-5 mls per application
MSDS available, no active ingredients
Extend the life of your Nanotechnology Protected Glass
200ml = 14-18 month supply

“Our OWN Exclusive Protection re-boost and rejuvenate Gel. Especially good where you have used the wrong maintenance procedures, or damaged your Glass Coatings”

Benefits to YOU

Our Local Fully Trained and Licensed Technicians OWN their own business regions. They will guarantee you the very best restorations results from a small domestic Glass Shower, to a Super Large Passenger Cruise Boat!

* Glass water and mineral stain removal and restorations SPECIALISTS
* Proven beyond any doubt since 2005. Guaranteed Results * Exclusive system that ACTUALLY WORKS! * Save up to and over 80% on buying NEW, simply restore for similar results.

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