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Don’t replace your Shower Glass - restore then protect​

The Water Stain Doctor™ shower glass restoration and protection products are guaranteed to work! A trained, licensed technician can come to you for a demo, assessment and quote, OR you can buy products from our secure online store.

Preventative maintenance for Showers

We help homes sell by restoring shower glass to near-new condition, and keep showers in good condition for property managers, investment property owners, hotels and motels, by providing regular preventative maintenance.

"I bought your paste pack and followed your website DIY Video. All I can say is WOW! Thanks… you saved me from buying a new shower!!" 


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NanoCoat™ Restore & Protect System

Full Commercial Grade nanotechnology system.

Applied by trained, Licensed Technicians - Warranty applies.

DIY NanoCoat Restore & Protect Kit

Domestic Grade Spray On

DIY NanoGel™

Exclusive gel which extends the life of protective Shower glass coatings.

Full Strength De-Stain Glass Restore Paste

Commercial Grade: as used by our Technicians.
Used properly once a month on your Shower, the glass will never stain.

The Water Stain Doctor | Logo
The Water Stain Doctor | Logo